Glimpses Of The History Of Pala


Former VC, M G University, Kottayam
Former Pro- V C, Kerala University
Former Member, National Minority
Educational Institutions, Govt of India

Pala has no parallel. It is a place unique. The roots of Pala go deep to early centuries when our social history was in the making. This place of tradition had its trade links to the Middle East and the West. Thus the footprints of St Thomas got imprinted on the Malabar Coast in the very first century AD. Meenachil was a place known to foreign traders and consequently Pala pepper adorned the dining tables of the Pharaohs of Egypt and Caesars of Rome. Pepper was branded as ‘DARK GOLD’ or ‘KARUTHA PONNU’ which was so much in demand in the West. The feudal palaces craved for spices. Rubber was then an unknown commodity. The pride of Pala was pepper and pepper reigned in trade markets, making the ‘DARK GOLD’ the queen amongst the spices. The origin of Pala is deemed a mystery as saying goes as about rivers and great men. Nothing much is known about Pala’s early inhabitants. But historical tradition holds some ground that people were well settled in the area by the time the first Christian settlers reached the place. Then Meenachil was the place of the ‘Karthas’, the ruling nobles of the loyalty. The Karthas were genuinely liberal, generous and secular. As rulers, they never discriminated their people or subjects (prajakal) on the basis of their faith. Thus the people of new faith also enjoyed their patronage and protection. In return, the people pledged their locality to the ruling class.

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A Probe Into Its Etymology


Former HOD, Department of Chemistry
K E College, Mannanam, Kottayam

Today’s young generation may wonder why certain places are denoted by number-based names. The best example of such a naming is our own 12th Mile. Let’s see how this so turned out. I am sure everybody knows what K K Road means. It is Kottayam-Kumily Road. The starting and destination points are denoted by the first letters of the names of the related towns. Along this route not many places had individual names but a few of course had. When new townships emerged, they had to be named on some basis. Some were named after some institutions that adorned the place. Ampalam padi, Judgimukku etc are examples. Some places derived their names from some geographical specialities of the concerned places. Names like Muvattupuzha(indicating rendezvous of three rivers), Illickakallu, Pullupara etc were given in this way. In most cases new names had to be coined.

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